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PIRO MEDIA has been initiated in 2020 to bundle all creative productions by Rommelt Pineda

Its purpose is to establish an easily recognizable brand.

Having now existed for over two years, PIRO MEDIA has achieved a lot of milestone, which would not have been possible by the partners it has worked with.

  • 2020.08 · Initiated brand
  • 2020.09 · First video project released
  • 2020.10 · Collaboration with N.D.M.S. and miaeoli (now part of Unlxmited)
  • 2020.11 · 12-part series dance video project ordered by mindeullae
  • 2021.07 · First live event video production ordered by the Korean Embassy in Vienna and mindeullae
  • 2021.08 · First film production commissioned by the Korean Embassy in Vienna and KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)
  • 2022.07 · Second live event video production